Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Alison Joy Clarke, 1972-2010

Alison Joy Clarke, known to members of Friendly Stitchers as the 'wielder of the Wet Noodle', lost her battle with Brittle Asthma on 29th September, 2010, aged 37. The quilt made for her by me/members of the group was one of her most treasured posessions, and will be used to drape her coffin at her funeral on 20th October - a final 'hug' from all of her stitching friends.

A fund has been set up in her memory. Please click on the link below and donate what you can - every pound will be used for the direct benefit of people with serious lung conditions such as asthma.


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Esau cuddles up!

Head study of Esau, 5 months

Esau at 5 months.

Esau finds a comfy spot on Dad's lap

Muntjac deer spies the camera!

Muntjac deer eating windfall apples in the garden. Autumn 2005

Angus finds a moment to himself for a bit of R&R!!

Esau gets a bone!

Esau at 5 months, Angus at 9 years.

Esau with one of his toys.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Here are some photos of a quilt I made for my friend Alison Clarke. An article about it appeared in issue 103 of World Of Cross Stitching Magazine, but not a photo of the full quilt! Here it is.

Bottom left of quilt

Top left of quilt

Bottom right of quilt

Top right of quilt

Full quilt featured in World Of Cross Stitching magazine, issue 103

Esau wears his innocent look

Esau practising 'come' in the garden

Esau at home

Esau (12 wks) and Angus

Friday, July 22, 2005

My new Puppy!

Went to visit my new puppy, Esau, yesterday. He is a Polish Lowland Sheepdog, or "PON", and is 6 weeks old. What a cutie! Can't wait to have him home in 2 weeks. Big thanks to his breeder, Terrie Cousins-Brown.

Jemma cuddles Esau

Esau with his new toy, aged 6 weeks

Esau at 6 weeks

Thursday, July 07, 2005

A bit more about me

I thought I'd put up some photos of my family, pets and home! I always think a picture is better than a thousand words. I have dozens of pictures of my needlework too, but I will have to sort some of them out first!

My Westies, Paddy (yellow jacket) and Angus (black jacket), on May Hill, Jan 2005. Sadly, Paddy died a few days after this photo, after a battle with cancer.

Sheepcote, summer 2004

The family! Jemma and Ross, me and husband Martin. 2003.

Me, on a walk in the Forest of Dean, 2004.

Meeko gets the 'best' cat spot!

My daughter Jemma's cat, Ziggy, having a snooze on the 'best' cat spot!

My tabby, Maisie. 2005

A munjac deer eating windfall apples in my garden. Jan, 2005.

My home, Sheepcote, on the stunning May Hill in Gloucestershire. This was January 2005.

Meeko has dinner - and shows off his beautiful coat!

My Bengal marble snow leopard, Meeko, checks out my Mbuna tropical fish tank. 2005

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Hi, I'm Abi, I live in rural Gloucestershire in the West of England, with my family and pets. I suffer from a chronic pain condition, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, which means I can't work - but this gives me plenty of time for my hobbies.

I have been stitching for many years, and enjoy cross-stitch, hardanger and patchwork among others. I love to make home-made cards, to read, to watch the wildlife that comes into my garden, and to spend time with my pets. These consist of 3 cats - Maisie (a good old-fashioned tabby mog!), Ziggy (a ginger tom, who belongs to my daughter) and Meeko, my snow-leopard marble Bengal; my dear Westie boy, Angus, who is 8 years old, and tropical fish. I am soon to be the proud owner of a Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppy, too!

I'm married to Martin, and Mum to Ross (14) and Jemma (11). My family means the world to me - they keep me going through the most painful days, and make good days shine like gold.

I've never had a Blog before - I hope this one will expand and grow with me!